Monday, 03 August 2020

Cream Vault - Android Application

If you like Creamcoin, and Crypto in general, then we are sure you will like latest development of Creamcoin developers. The Cream Vault wallet Android application.
It's essential move, allowing you to take your Cream coins with you on the move. It's made for simplicity, to get access to your CRM you are protected with your own username and password. You don't have to write down any words or private keys. As another layer of your personal security we encourage you to put a secret 4 number pin/fingerprint/iris/face protection to your device. The very first version of Cream Vault Wallet, besides deposit and withdrawing CRM, comes bundled with its own internal system that allows to send CRM value to another user or e-mail that is also a member of Cream Vault wallet. To receive CRM, in 'Receive' section you have QR code that can be scanned or you can just copy the deposit address. In Withdrawal section just put your external address and confirm transaction in e-mail. Yes it's so easy. Minimum confirmation time CRM to mature for spending is 6 blocks, which is around 10 min max.
The best part is, if you want to send Creamcoins to some of your friends, just tell him to install the application, ask him about his e-mail or username, and send him coins instantly without fee. Transaction is less then a second without need to be confirmed. There's even a handy profile where you can change your avatar and write your Bio and/or Twitter. Your current balance is displayed in CRM (creamcoins) by default, as well as your account value in fiat $ dollars.


Some Creamcoin facts:
Note that Creamcoin has very small fee unlike any other coin out there, just 0.0001 CRM. The block of 4MB can handle many more transactions then most of the other coins. Blockchain is secured 'cos it has Pow, Pos, Masternodes. Cream is made with privacy in mind so it have integrated Tor and Private Send. Cream Vault have several layers of securities, including bruteforce protection and IP banning.

What's next:
In the next versions of Cream Vault application we aim to deliver support for many more cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and yes, ERC20 tokens. We intend to develop truly cross-platform Vault and to integrate support for exchanging different coins using Shapeshift services. Also as idea that still must be elaborated and developed, stays the ability wallet to have personal store where users can pay with Creamcoin's for goods. Yes, you are correct, a Cream gateway. Also we want to mention future possibility of sending private messages between Vault users.
Cross platform:
Another thing that we think you should be aware of is that the very same Android application is developed for iOs devices and is submitted to Apple store, waiting for review. Once, if we get lucky to be published on Apple App Store, we will have fully cross platform Cream Vault wallet applications for Android, iOs, Mac, Windows, Linux and Web.
Development is still in progress, we appreciate your patience, trust, and support. Cream hodlers protect your investment, join us, make it happen.
Creamteam creativity makes value. Cream Vault protects it.

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