Monday, 03 August 2020

Decentralize Currency Assets (DCA) joined the Echoestrader and Creamcoin campaign

On 11th of November 2019, Decentrilized Currency Asset DCA joinined the Echoestrader and Creamcoin campaign , in order to introduce Echoestrader multi bot platform to the crypto community and present the launching of their platform. DCA and Creamcoin teams joined forces, after the conversation through mutual marketers and verbal agreement about solving multiple mutual crypto industry issues. Echoestrader campaign brought these two potential projects on the same page, and hopefully it will be long and loyal to work on other projects in the future.

About DCA

Decentralize Currency Asset (DCA) has started with a simple website and a basic system in which members of the community utilizes it to engage in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram just to mention a few…now we are getting bigger and better.
Our community is focused in ecosystem primarily in charity works, health care and community development. Along with that, we offer bartering, token creation and special services for our business partners and merchant clients or individuals for advertising their products to help enhance their growth for success.
Community members are in different countries of the world, having different nationalities, different cultures and different walks of life, but DCA has brought us together to become a community with a common purpose and a common goal; to make DCA successful.
DCA is a community driven project and is designed for long term. Our programs are awesome and all transactions are transparent to all investors, holders and members.
DCA is in early development stage, however bartering is already functional and the website has been online.
$DCA serves as utility token for decentralized ecosystem,token creation service and bartering system.

Echoestrader CRM giveaway campaign

As you know Echoestrader sponsored the 10K CRM giveaway daily till their platform launching on 18th of November. So that way we are looking forward to involve multiple crypto projects as a cross promotion. One of those projects is Decentrilize Currency Asset- DCA, which will be the next project to do the simular campaign,
We hope that the 3 communities will be happy from this cooperation, and joined strategy will be the key for successful Echoestrader Beta version website launch.

By Creamcoin Team

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