Monday, 03 August 2020

Cream Line launching algorithm product at Echoestrader

Cream Team for the whole month of November is introducing Echoestrader multi bot platform, new start up with very interesting concept about automated cryptocurrency trading on multiple exchanges. The project was successfully introduced at the 3rd edition of Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit 2019 and the beta version of the platform was launched on 18th of November.

Echoestrader Platform

Echotreder is marketplace platform for bots, where clients can  use the most sufficient current automated trading algorithms or can develop their own and place it on the platform, exchange it and monetize it.  Startup that gives you all the tools, to automate your crypto trading strategy with multiple bots  from a single customizable dashboard.
The client can be regular crypto enthusiast who doesn't understand anything about trading, or crypto asset trader, or programmer, developer, software name it and Echoestrader is suitable for all their crypto trading appetites.

Echoestrader platform is in beta version , up and running, you can register in few minutes as a customer or trader / bot developer, and start using their services.
The dashboard is very user friendly, doesn't require any special technical knowledge, simply your user name and password, plus PIN which will be provided to you via e-mail. Also in order to start using the bot services you need to get you exchange API keys for each exchange separately, and in the same time on each exchange you have to  disable your withdraw functions, as a security measure.
 In this beta version the traders- bot developers in order to upload their bots, will be able to submit their bots for review. After code evaluation and bot testing functionality, the developer will be notified when his bot is ready to be uploaded on the platform and available to be monetized under the agreed terms and conditions of Echoestrader.

Echoestrader Affiliate Program 

Echoestrader  gives affiliate users 15% commission on all transactions. Joining Echoestrader affiliates will give you the ability to generate lifetime passive income  for each person you directly send to their website for registration. Commission is for the lifetime of each referral.  Given that this is a multibot trading platform, most users will trade on daily basis and often buy different types of bots. The marketing tool for the affiliates is the unique link of each user of the platform generated in their account. The payout of this affiliation program is done on weekly bases direct to your provided BTC address in your.

Echoestrader's affiliation program is great and beneficial for both parties, great potential to generate decent earnings and  the one of the  reasons for sealing the partnership. Second reason was algorithm bot development, where both parties came up with new algorithm for new bot, creating a new product  for the Cream Line- Creamer bot. Creamer bot is live and available for purchase on the Echoestrader platform for trading  USD/BTC pair on Bittrex, and Cream 2.0 is for BNB/BTC pair on Binance. 

With these activities for the past month Echoestrader besides that was introduced to the crypto world, sealed the partnership , is typical example  of  the real meaning of existence and operation of the Cream Line and Creamcoin project in general.

By Cream Team
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