Thursday, 06 August 2020

Cream E-store, Contemporary Crypto E-commerce

CREAM Vault wallet, wallet with the most sophisticated background, with endless possibilities to upgrade and develop in multiple crypto directions.

Vault wallet is simple and secure wallet with multiple features like a platform. It’s essential move, allowing you to take your Cream coins with you on the move. What ever you own or mine CRM, Vault wallet is the place to store and get access to your CRM. The very first version of Vault Wallet, besides deposit and withdrawing CRM, came bundled with its own internal system that allows to send CRM value to another user or e-mail that is also a member of Vault wallet.
Vault have several layers of security, including Secure Sockets Layer, bruteforce protection, sql injections protection, spam protection and IP banning. Besides securty e-mail notifications on every move you make, as another layer of your personal security we added 90% of the holdings in cold storage.
Adding new features to Vault is and will be offered as a part of the Cream line, CREAM project and 3rd parties from the CREAM Line in general.

Vault is the place that you can shop with Creamcoin 

As you know we said while ago that our Vault has endless possibilities  and one of those was released few days ago, Cream E-Store. Contemporary crypto- tech shop with multiple categories with own products and different 3rd party vendors products, and of course payments are in Creamcoin. 
Cream E-Store product prices  will be calculated in dollars converted in CRM , and of course the payment for the products will be strictly in CRM. In the Cream E-Store there's test product to see how it works, you need to have CRM balance in general in order to purchase product. To place an order you need to register at, transfer some CRM quite enough to cover for the products in your shopping cart.

About the products

Vault E-Store has all Creamcoin marketing services- products, banners, articles and marketing campaigns as our main purpose of existence and proof of usability of Creamcoin. Second, we have few of our developers services, web design, and blockchain services( creating token, explorers, pool) . And 3rd,  is partnership with 3d printing company  what are printing costume cases for Rasberry PI, Dojo style, product of Samourai Wallet .
We are looking to add more products from various vendors and creative individuals. So if you have any ideas, suggestions in this matter or you have your own products, software or hardware products, please share it with us, we are willing to list your or 3rd party product in our Cream E-Store. 


Cream E-store definitely will be the gateway for new partnerships with new vendors and another proof of usability of Creamcoin. In the same time e-commerce will be boosting the demand and liquidity of Creamcoin , making it one of the most advanced unique crypto projects .
Creamcoin E-Store is another step of the decentralization process for merchants to sell their products and willing to accept different preferred  digital assets.

By Cream Team

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