Friday, 28 February 2020

Hublot Presents New Model, Available For Bitcoin Only

Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco has presented its new big bang blockchain watch that can only be purchased with bitcoin. As per the announcement, the company is paying homage to both the iconic Big Bang series and Blockchain technology.
This new watch is a 210-piece limited edition watch and it will feature Big Bang’s signature industrial design and some elements taken from bitcoin.

The announcement further elaborated that this big bang blockchain special edition watch is being launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin and the company’s recent collaboration with digital asset brokerage OSL. Hublot’s release said that:

 To show off the best of both sides, there is no better way than introducing a brand-new timepiece that manifests the essence of the two areas. This new watch is a 210-piece limited edition watch that can only be purchased with bitcoin, and a watch that can be bought directly from the watchmaker with bitcoins.


OSL is an Asia-based digital asset brokerage that delivers a global network with various products and services. It provides over-the-counter (OTC) trading with access to large pools of liquidity, systematic RFQ, bespoke token services and various other institutional trading solutions. Its brokerage platform is backed by proprietary technology. It delivers counterparts institutional grade access to digital asset markets globally.

Hublot further explained that this collaboration between HUBLOT and OSL will give the most pleasant and secure shopping experience with digital assets. OSL will be the official broker for the sale of the Big Bang Blockchain. To purchase this limited edition watch, a customer has to register on a dedicated website. The data will then be processed by OSL, who will send a confirmation email and agreement indicating the strike date and payment details before Hublot delivers the watch to the buyer at the beginning of 2019.


The Swiss brand has called blockchain technology “a revolution in the financial system”. It said

 The blockchain is a revolution in the financial system and the future of e-commerce, and it has been broadly used as a digitized and decentralized public ledger of all digital currency transactions since its creation. By allowing digital information to be distributed, Blockchain technology creates the backbone of a new type of Internet. Well-recognized for its originality, the technology is regarded as one of the most powerful and fastest-growing trading tools.


At the moment, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and it has a capitalization market of over $113 billion USD, according to Coinlib. Bitcoin was founded in the year 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The following image is showing us the weekly Average BTC/USD price analysis:

Well, unknown to most people, Bitcoin has always been subjected to many price predictions by experts in the past. In June 2018, the billionaire investor, Tim Draper, had said that Bitcoin will reach $250,000 by 2022. He also stated that “fiat is the past,” and bitcoin is the future.

He had further explained that he expects that since cryptographic forms of money will expand the speed of cash, the current $86 trillion worldwide markets for cash will develop to be about $140 trillion in the following 10 years, and that development will be in crypto. Fiat monetary forms will really diminish being used, and that crypto will move toward becoming as much as $100 trillion of that market. Bitcoin will be around 10% of that market, or $10 trillion.

In Sep 2018, he once again predicted that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will temporarily decline but then increase swiftly to become an $80 trillion business in the next 15 years. He further stated that the manner in which bitcoin is currently fluctuating is similar to that of internet technology a few years back. Regulations play a very important role in the cryptocurrency market.

There are several factors such as approvals of various sections like SEC and what regulators think. Crypto market tends to react rapidly to any decisions regarding cryptocurrency regulation. He predicted that the internet went after industries that were $10-100 billion dollar markets, bitcoin will go after trillion dollar markets like finance, healthcare and insurance, banking and investment banking, and governments.

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