Monday, 03 August 2020

Crypto News website for SALE

As you all know last week Creamcoin Team did the code update to the newest 0.18.0 version, also wallets update . And you all know that Creamcoin airdrop with cooperation with Magnum Wallet was finally distributed to the participants.
In the same time with the new code update, Creamcoin Team decided to do major shifting power, migrating the marketing and promotion activities, from our news site to our main page We decided to make this migration, so our supporters and followers have better perspective of Cream Line and the products of it. Probably you've seen these days that the news activities are from the main page, and also the same contest is appearing at the old page
The old press page is fully functional since the beginning of Creamcoin, more then 2 years old, following the crypto and blockchain scene and for the most important thing is that is good source of funds for Creamcoin development. Since we are moving all the activities to the main page, we decided to put for sale in order to raise some funds to list CRM at one of the main crypto exchanges.
For any potential buyer interesting to purchase, to have in perspective what are they buying, here some information, facts, statistics :

- Website has almost 2700 articles, written crypto and blockchain history 
- all these articles have thousands of views
- banner sales and press releases are main source of revenue

We are hoping that one of CRM supporters will show some interest to buy, knowing that the funds will be going to further CREAMcoin development and listing on major exchange. To the new owner of, we will provide re-branding services, if it's necessary up on their request, operating transition period of 2 weeks and lifetime affiliation link on our main page. 

So you want to own and operate crypto business ? Here is perfect established opportunity, BUY IT NOW
Please submit your offers for review at


1.8 BTC
  • - Robust Crypto-News web platform
  • - 2700 crypto related articles
  • - Back-end web editor
  • - Front-end web editor
  • - Professional banner management system
  • - Users management system
  • - Professional clients management system
  • - Professional article editor
  • - No coding - website layout management
  • - Re-branding and new logo design included into price
  • - Install on server and connection to your domain included
Make sure to check all screenshots, so you can get familiar with our offer.

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